International Day to Tackle Violence against Women - 'We must do more' says Labour's Alice Macdonald

Domestic abuse related crime accounts for nearly one in five of all crimes reported to Norfolk Police. The most recently available figures show Norfolk Police recorded 14,094 domestic abuse related crimes in a single year. These figures don’t even show the full extent of the problem as a significant amount of domestic abuse still goes unreported.

25th November marks the International Day to Tackle Violence against Women and the start of 16 days of global action. 

Alice Macdonald, Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Norwich North is calling for increased action to tackle violence especially in light of the cost-of- living crisis which has a disproportionate impact on women.

Alice Macdonald, Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Norwich North says: 

“Violence against women is an epidemic. The cost of living crisis is only going to make it worse. Frontline services are having to do more with less money and financial hardship can pose an additional barrier to women trying to escape abuse. 

‘There are brilliant organisations working across Norwich North to tackle violence against women and girls. There must be adequate resources for them and funding for prevention as well as much more education on what behaviours are unacceptable. 

“Whilst there has been much commendable work done across Norfolk, there is a lot more for us all to do. There must be a zero tolerance approach to violence against women and the use of all available measures to prevent it.”

Ms Macdonald’s call to action comes after 80 national organisations working to tackle violence against women warned that the current cost of living crisis is having a devastating impact on women, putting them at greater risk of violence and abuse.

It also follows a recent report from His Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire and Rescue Services which shows that the arrest rate for domestic abuse incidents in Norfolk is below the national average. In the year ending 30 September 2021, Norfolk Constabulary had a domestic abuse arrest rate of 17%, which is over 10% lower than the average for England and Wales at 28%.